About the Program

"Happiness starts within, so channel your inner child, practice self-care, and learn to embrace change." - Alisha M. Collins

Mission Statement:

“We are here to offer optimal methods of developing mindfulness and emotional stability within the communities. We’ve been destined to heal the world in a creative way, by offering services that can help people improve their self-expression, develop mindfulness and emotional stability. With respect for the demands of our clients, we apply new creative, meditative, and healing activities for a faster and more efficient treatment of our clients.”  



To use dance as a creative, yet mindful practice that will help people manage their emotions and live a healthier life. As an intervention, dance is an offer  at social institutions such as: Schools, Healthcare Facilities, Residential/Group Homes/Treatment Facilities, Community, Senior, and Juvenile Detention Centers.





Dance /Creative Arts

Wellness/Mental Health/Self-Awareness/Mindfulness/Self-Expression  


Our community is facing many issues that often affects the environments' temperament. One of those issues revolves around mental health and wellness. Developing a healthier and positive mental health will allow people to realize and embrace their full potentials. Bot n Sole, Inc.® and Creatively Releasing of NY LLC are destined to fulfilling this goal, and is effectively trying to fix this issue.


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