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Our community is facing many issues that often affects the environments' temperament. One of those issues revolves around mental health and wellness. Developing a healthier and positive mental health will allow people to realize and embrace their full potentials. Bot n Sole, Inc.® and Creatively Releasing of NY LLC® are destined to fulfilling this goal, and is effectively trying to fix this issue. 

"Happiness starts within, so channel your inner child, practice self-care, and learn to embrace change." - Alisha M. Collins

Join us!! For creative art services that will help you develop mindfulness, improve self-expression and emotional stability.


“We are here to offer optimal methods of developing mindfulness and emotional stability within the communities. We’ve been destined to heal the world in a creative way, by offering services that can help people. With respect for the demands of our clients, we apply new fun, creative, and meditative activities for more efficient outcomes.”  


To use  creative art services that will help people manage their emotions and live a healthier life. As an intervention, dance is an offer  at social institutions such as: Schools, Healthcare Facilities, Residential/Group Homes/Treatment Facilities, Community, Senior, and Juvenile Detention Centers.




Dance /Creative Arts

Wellness/Mental Health/Self-Awareness/Mindfulness/Self-Expression  




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